Indoor Fireworks


Indoor Fireworks were a huge hit in the 1970s with millions of packs sold. Difficulty sourcing and importing, new legislation and a change of tastes, despite a core group of enthusiasts, led to a drop in availability during the 1980s and 90s. A number of UK based companies attempted to reignite the love for indoor fireworks with varing sucess.


Indoor Fireworks began producing their own products, taking influence from the original indoor firework packs and adding new items such as Ice Fountains and Indoor Sparkers. They have found that the level of support has been tremendous with sales in outlets all over the UK.


Indoor Fireworks have been a hit not only during Halloween and Guy Fawkes night but also very popular for parties, especially New Year.


With new testing, the new generation of Indoor Fireworks are now a Cat 1 Firework which allows them to be sold along side other table fireworks such as Party Poppers and Table Bombs, a combination of which will make any party go with a bang!




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